Why Some Digital Marketing Trends Aren’t Worth It

It’s always a great idea to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the digital marketing industry. But it’s also important to maintain an ounce of skepticism whenever a new trend pops up.

Every month or so, a marketing trend that promises to improve online performance spreads quickly throughout the digital marketing community, yet it fades almost immediately after it arrives. Why? Usually, it’s because the trend stops showing results-or it turns out that the results don’t work when bigger and better websites are able to jump on the bandwagon and dominate the trend.

Perfect examples of recent trends that tried and failed include guest blogging, article directories, and link wheels. Websites employed these trends, hoping to improve their rank in search engine results, but they’ve since been renounced by Google.

So how do you avoid falling for these flash-in-the-pan techniques? Well, first, you have to identify the trends that simply aren’t worth it by asking these questions.

Does it do anything for my users?

Most trends that surface in the digital marketing industry are minor tricks that somehow improve SEO. These trends have absolutely nothing to do with improving overall user experience, which is why they get shut down so quickly.

Search engines are becoming more and more focused on promoting sites that genuinely contribute to good user experience for their site visitors. So if a trend arises that doesn’t relate to refining user experience, it’s a good idea to avoid it altogether.

Is it referred to as a “trick” or “hack”?

If so, that’s a pretty big red flag right there. A lot of so called “experts” in the field take to forums to tout things they refer to as “quick tricks” or “SEO hacks” that will help your website jump in rankings. The fact that they even refer to these strategies as tricks or hacks should indicate that they won’t offer any long-lasting results. Even worse, these temporary solutions can (and usually will) come back to hurt your website, as Google penalizes sites using black-hat techniques, making it harder for those sites to see good search engine rank and web traffic.

A major thing to keep in mind when marketing your website is that that aren’t any easy strategies or “hacks” to stay at the top. Everything takes time and effort. By avoiding temporary “hacks” and focusing on strategies that offer long-term value, you’ll experience far more success with your online presence.

Must Know Benefits of SEO for Business

Provided you know the complexities of search engine optimization and you have the time as well as the resources to publish and then promote valuable contents on the web, then the main listings are within your reach. The only problem is that a number of the prime keywords that seem to have commercial importance have been taken by other organizations and they have to protect their property through dedicating resource as well as employing SEO firms to make sure that they remain at the first page.

Being on top of the search listings will result in more and more traffic. The fact is that as humans, we are naturally lazy and this is to say that customers will mostly click on the results that they are able to see first rather than taking some time to scroll through the different pages available while looking for something relevant.

Psychologically, the higher up the search engines a business ranks, and the more the business is listed on the fist pages of the search engines, the better it is for the brand or image. The simple reason here is that everyone knows and trusts Google to offer them with only relevant as well as respectable results. Therefore, by simply getting results on the very first page of the search, you are really gaining respect in front of the customers.

People make use of the search engines when they are looking for something they need, if your website has presence and if it follows the correct search engine optimization rules, it means that when a user lands on the site, he or she will get find what they need and this is what will result in leads, sales as well as increased profitability for the business.

Focusing on search engine results is also better on naturally designed websites. This is because of the simple reason that to reach the woozy heights of the very first page of search engine, your website must be structured in the very best way that the spiders can crawl successfully, meaning your site needs not to have poor navigation, low quality content or broken links.

Having an optimized web presence just means that regardless the office being available or not, you must have a willing and ready “sales person” who is available to answer different questions in order to win the new customers mind. If you need more new customers, more leads and sales, then the web is the only marketplace where customers are becoming less cautious when purchasing items.

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How SEM Is Different From SEO

First of all in order to discuss how SEM and SEO are different, we must first define each of them. By defining these two terms it will be much easier to illustrate how they are different and how, as an online business owner, you need both to succeed online.

SEO – Search engine optimization. This is the method of using a variety of tactics to improve and influence your rankings on search engine results in a positive way so that your website appears near the top or at the top of the results page when a user performs a search which includes the keywords associated with your website and brand.

SEM – Search engine marketing is the method of marketing via search engines. This also involves tactics and it ensures that you are visible to those who are searching with keywords that are associated with your business brand. SEM can also help to influence your ranking on the search engines but it comes after SEO in terms of over-all ranking influence. SEM involves formal marketing campaigns and tactics which are performed on search engines. For example, pay per click and Good Adverts and Good AdWords.

This is where the confusion can sometimes come in. Because these two are closely linked and similar there is a misconception that they are one and the same. This is not the case and in fact, you can deliver an entire SEO plan for your business and it may not include SEM. Conversely, if you develop and deliver an SEM plan, it by definition will be part of an overarching SEO plan.

SEO can be easily defined as the strategic development of tactics which are designed to ensure your URL has the highest possible position on any given search engine. One way of achieving this and one hugely effective tactic is to use SEM.

And this is where the difference is. SEM is all about specific marketing via search engines. It involves keywords, pay per click and AdWords, but it also involves in-depth monitoring and analysis of metrics for your website so you can monitor activity levels and hits, visits and bounce rates to your website.

In order to get the best from your SEO and SEM you need to build the right foundations. If you are unsure how to do this you should work with a good professional team who will be able to guide you and help you by using their own expertise and knowledge to develop a plan which will help you achieve your online targets and aspirations.

Working with a professional team will save you time and money, it will also help you avoid some of the pitfalls that some other companies may have fallen in to while they attempted to learn about internet marketing and SEO for themselves. A good team will work with you to develop a plan that suits your budget and gives you the return on investment that will justify your outlay and give you the results you seek.

7 Good Reasons Why Rewriting Articles Is Bad for Your Website

It is common these days for internet marketers to utilize a variety of marketing gimmicks to promote a website’s products/services. Incidentally, one of the widespread and most commonly used marketing gimmicks is article marketing, which works wonders for a business to earn tremendous sales, visibility, traffic and what not. Unfortunately, however, some cunning online marketers have marred the significance of article marketing by using devious or black-hat techniques that although appear harmless apparently but deliver dangerous repercussion in the long run.

One extremely pervasive black-hat technique that has been in usage among a lot of dare-devil and cunning article marketers is article spinning software that have made a fuss on the internet for a long time. Not to mention, article marketing contributes massively to build a mass of backlinks. The caveat to keep in mind is that article marketing through article spinning software is considered as a black-hat technique that can take a toll on a website’s visibility, page rank, etc.

If you still cast doubt on whether using black-hat article marketing technique is dangerous or not, look at the following salient 7 reasons and conclude on your own:

1. Search Engines give attachment to unique, engaging and readable content

Whether it is Yahoo, Bing or Google, the leader of all search engines, invariably attach importance to fresh, engaging and readable content. Also, content that is loaded periodically often have the odds to get a higher ranking in search engine result pages.

2. Article spinning software typically generate scribbled copies

A major loophole with article spinning software is that these programs typically generate substandard quality content, which is even hard to read. Rather than using article spinning software, the better alternative to choose is to start creating articles manually using your creativity. Of course, creating content from scratch manually will take time as well as your skills and efforts, but in the long run of that all, suffice to say that you will find that is all worth considering.

3. The diction may be different, but the essence and the quality are tainted

Most article spinning software will help you in making several different versions of an original article by replacing the original words with matching synonyms. This is seemingly a very easy way to give the mention of one thing in several different ways, which means the nitty-gritty is still the same, but the quality is still compromised heavily. Again, the recommendation is to choose to publish unique articles.

4. Article spinning is commonly reckoned as an unfair practice

According to webmasters and even search engines, article spinning is typically looked with askance and this is an absolute truth. These software tools will taint your online reputation and trustworthiness. That is why it is worth the consideration to avoid using such unethical tools. After all, building your reputation could take several months or years and you are very likely to mar it in a jiffy when your target readers come to learn that you have started posting duplicate content.

5. All search engines are designed to contradict spun articles

All search engines, in general, are designed to contradict article spinning committed by online marketers. Most importantly, Google’s latest Panda Update is attentive to substandard sites, for example, content farms that feature spun articles.

6. Article spinning restricts a writer’s creativity

Article spinning is proverbial for putting a check on a writer’s creativity – and, with said that, most decidedly, spinning an article will never make you a creative writer. Spinning articles is also a lax method of acquiring backlinks and will certainly backfire once search engines come to know about the use of “unethical” practices.

7. Spun articles are highly likely to saturate the market

An original content, which is spun can readily turn out multiple versions, but when it comes to reflecting different viewpoints, they fail miserably. Certainly, different versions of an original article can saturate the market. It will critically leverage the originality of content featured on your website/weblog and therefore prompt search engines to tag yours as a plagiarized version.

So now it is easy for you to conclude by yourself why rewriting an article is never worth the consideration but in fact it is worthy of creating articles manually using your creativity. On the other hand, if you are not good at writing, you can take help of professional writers working in a SEO company USA or India to deliver you creative and original articles.

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